Styles Overview

At Camilla's Lingerie, we understand it is difficult to determine the many different shapes and styles of bras, briefs and shapewear available.  So you have an idea of the options in the market, we have provided a list of the types of lingerie that may suit you and your purpose.   


Full cup wired bra: A full cup bra covers the entire breast and can be ideal for women who have larger cup sizes. Who wish to minimise the size of the bust or for those who prefer to reduce cleavage. They can be just as attractive as other styles as well as offering excellent support and maximum comfort.

Balcony /padded bra: A balcony bra offers a half or three-quarter coverage that covers the nipples and lifts the top half of your breasts. A padded balcony gives extra push-up in the style with the extra pads

Heart shape padded bra: is a preformed foam cup bra with a heart-shaped cup line.
It gives a plunge effect when worn. In some styles the straps can be worn halter neck or as a regular strap. Can also be worn as a t-shirt bra.

Round shape bra: Similar to the heart-shaped this bra gives a more rounded natural shape to the bust when worn. And again with some styles can also have a multifunction bra strap.

Soft non-wired bra: this is bra without wires, which gives the same support as a wired bra does, for women who prefer to wear a wired bra. Certain styles can also be worn pre-surgery without causing extra pressure on vulnerable areas.

Push-up removable pads bra: this bra provides extra versatility to give a push up effect when needed and not needed with the removable pads

Spacer bra: a spacer bra is a smooth T-shirt bra that is made from a lightweight foam fabric rather than a heavy padded and moulded cup. Is light and airy, and allows your skin to breathe.

Strapless bra: a strapless is a bra that is designed to be worn with no shoulder straps. normally they tend to have features like silicone or rubber lining to prevent slippage and help provide support. Many have moulded cups and underwires for extra support.

Long-line plunge bra padded and non padded: A Long-line bra is one that extends down to the waist or hips. This category includes a wide range of from practical basics to bridal lingerie, providing more support than a regular bra. Many longline bras also offer shaping for the waist.

Bralette: bralette is a lightweight bra without an underwire, designed mainly for comfort. Bralettes are also sometimes worn as outerwear. They can be worn by young girls as their first bra.


Rio/Brazilian brief: these briefs are a cross between a bikini and a thong. They have wide sides and sit low on the hips. 

Full brief: a full brief refers to a style feminine panties that is cut with a high waist to provide full coverage of the hips and bottoms.

Shorts: are briefs that rise to the waist, or just below the navel, and have full coverage over the bottom. The waistband also sits very high on the waist.

Italian brief: an Italian brief is known for its beautiful all-over lace detailing in the back. Sitting just above the hips and cut slightly higher on the leg this is truly a feminine underwear what looks fabulous with a bra from within the same collection.

Thong: this is a minimalist brief that is low on the waist, has a lined gusset and has narrow sides and a string back.

Luxury thong: they are a lacy version of the every day thong that would be a perfect companion to a beautiful lacy bra.


A foundation undergarment designed to temporarily change the wearer's body shape, to achieve a more fashionable figure and to make it look more presentable under tight clothes. 


A nursing bra is a specialized brassiere that provides additional support to women to breastfeed without the need to remove the bra. The bra has specially designed bra cups that include flaps which can be opened with one hand to allow easy feeding.

Pre and post surgery bras

These bras are specially designed to wear before and after surgery for women recovering after breast surgery. In that sensitive time, front fastening recovery bras, made with hypoallergenic fabric is gentle and soft to protect while you heal. Bras with no wires, soft seams  a wide under-band always is a wise choice